PSG beat Real Madrid-UEFA Champions League

Angel di maria , the saviour of PSG turned a thrilling game into one sided encounter. PSG beat Real Madrid with 3-0
                   Di Maria’s decision to leave Real Madrid five years ago proved to be a blessing today for PSG and a nightmare for Madrid fans, as PSG beat Real Madrid with 3-0 in a one sided game. Let’s have a brief match preview :

PSG vs Real Madrid
PSG vs Real Madrid

First Half

In the frst half of game Paris Saint-Germain were totally all over the Madrid warriors keeping the ball in their possession and not leaving a chance which could put them to shame. On the 14′ minute, Di Maria came rising in the show and became first goal scorer. And Real Madrid wished that it was the only tragedy they had to face today. PSG was still in the game and again at the 32′ minute another slap in the face of Madrid, and woah ! it’s Maria again, what a beautiful day for this man. Los Blancos and Gareth Bale were unable to stop this threat which Maria was bringing.

2nd Half

On the 78′ minute Madrid could have a game changing moment, but Karim Benzema couldn’t prove himself to be the best man in the game. At last after the 90′ minute mark, Thoman Meunier ended the game with another blow leaving Madrid no chance to rise again as it was the final moment of a poor day for Real Madrid.
Match Result :
      Paris Saint-Germain  beat Real Madrid with 3-0

The Real Madrid’s Goalkeeper Courtois, The Belgian man didn’t see the storm coming. He went out to stop it yet to fail nonetheless.

Thomas Meunier’s last minute score added more pressure to the already dying hopes of Real Madrid’s manager Zinedine Zidane, whose team has won not more than half of the games since he came to this club.
Real Madrid’s Coach Zinedine Zidane said that they played like a team and when they were defeated, they were all lost as a whole. But it’s not the end yet, they have another game on Sunday against Sevilla, and their focus is on that one now. He added that PSG were above them during those 90 minutes, we had chances but we couldn’t take it that cost us this game.

PSG coach Thomas Tuchel said that his team was zealous on the field, they were least favourite in the game without their star players, yet they managed a victory with their team work. Di Maria’s shining performance with his scores and assists was exceptional and the only reason which led his team to this moment.
                                                            Match Specials :
Angel di Maria is the 3rd one in UEFA Champions League history to be a goalscorer two times in one game and being opponent to great clubs  Real Madrid and Barcelona, after the predecessor Mario Jardel and Andriy Shevchenko. It was Di Maria’s 19th and 20th UEfA Champions League Goal.

UEFA standings

PSG are now on the top of Group A with 3 points and Real Madrid are at the bottom.Galatasary and Club Brugge both have 1 point each.

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